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Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. in Fresno is a full-service mortgage provider. We know the local area and have local people working on your loan.

We’re here to provide you with a smooth, pleasant transaction. We’re experts in getting your loan done, and we’re here to do everything we can to help you achieve your financial goals.

Good Homes are built on good foundations . . . so are companies.

Core Values


We believe that what’s good for our customer is good for us, too. We are allies for our customers advocating for sensible laws and stronger accountability.


When we are empowered, we do more for each other and for our customers. We take charge of each situation with a solutions-oriented approach.


The pursuit of excellence is a guide to our true potential. We seek to be better, smarter, and more effective people for ourselves and our customers.


A happy work environment and a great customer experience go hand-in-hand. When we enjoy what we do, it’s easy to deliver a knockout experience.


Integrity filters all of our decisions. When we act in integrity, we build trust by always making the right choice, regardless of circumstance.


Stability gives us a future. Our decisions are deliberate and careful. They have to make sense today and tomorrow.


Teamwork means we’re all in this together. Working together gives our customers better results than we could ever achieve individually.